Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of us, here’s hoping yours is fabulous and you get whatever you need!  I’m not feeling the love right now, but hope I survive until Sunday night without imploding or saying too many things that I regret.  Just one of those weeks where the breaks are few and far between, and the stresses pile up in precarious towers that I keep bumping into in the dark.  Imploding might be nice at this point?

I’m obviously not full of cheer, but do have a few things to share that might brighten your mood if you’re feeling the least bit down!  Otherwise I hope you’re headed for a delightful weekend full of things you love, whether that’s kisses and chocolate and sticky cards, or a day to yourself after getting to sleep in.  I’m going for a long run, and can’t at this point imagine any better way to spend Mom’s Day :). 

  • First up is a great video that My Mama Mojo shared on her facebook page.  It’s called Your House is Strong, and the words and harmonies are delicious, please give it a listen!
  • Another video, with a lot more attitude :) is In Tha Muthahood by Anita Renfroe, and it’s well worth it … a good dose of reality thank you very much!
  • A Tale of Three Mothers on Mother’s Day is raw and good and oh so real … she ends with “But Mother’s Day of 2008 will always be a sacred day in my memory. It was lovely, but it was also raw and painful. And that’s motherhood, isn’t it?” By Shannon of Peter’s Cross Station

Can you take a quick look at who you were before you became a mom, and tell me if you’re stronger now?  It just takes a glance for me to see that I’ve grown immensely since those pre-kid days, in ways I never thought possible, and in many cases didn’t want to.  I’m stronger now than ever, but weaker and more fragile too, in matters of the heart. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all my amazing Mom friends, enjoy!