Laying Down My Wand Day ... is today!

Bridget has declared it so, and I like it. 

A day when we all kick back and appreciate that we are doing our best and that more often than not, our best is good enough. A day when we acknowledge all of those around us who are doing the same. One day a year where we proudly wear the crown of best wife, mother, daughter and friend. One when guys can be the best husband, father, son and friend. A day when we all make a secret pact to be happy with who we are. (And if we aren’t, we’ll promise to do better.)

I know I can use a reminder to be happy with who I am for sure.  My wand is down, and my best is damn well good enough … join us won’t you?  I’ll be treating the boys (and myself) when we head out to their first chess lessons of the year this afternoon, with something special from my favorite deli/delights shop down the street.