Lay Down Your Wand Day ... (guest post by Bridget)

I think people in general, but particularly women, are always trying to improve themselves. As the author of “Searching for My Wand”, a novel based on a woman named (incorrectly)  after Glinda the Good Witch, I have given this a great deal of thought. We want to be the best wife, the best mom, the best friend, etc. If we could just find a magic wand, all of our problems would be solved, right? Kids misbehaving? Poof! A tap of your wand and they are instantly smiling and going off to entertain themselves for a while. Husband complaining because he asked you to do something and you got busy and forgot? Poof! A tap of your wand and he’s all hugs and apologies for not having taken into account all that you do. Buried deep in an underground lab somewhere, there has to be a group of scientists working on this, don’t you think? It would solve everything.

Of course, that in and of itself might be the problem. If we had a wand with enough power there would be no need for diet pills, closet organizers, or personal assistants. We wouldn’t need anyone to do our taxes, or an orthodontist to straighten our children’s teeth. When looking for a new car, we wouldn’t have to go through the ridiculous circles that dealerships put you through in order to be certain that you spend more than you planned. Sigh… That wand isn’t coming any time soon, is it?

Oh well, we can always go another route. I propose we institute a new holiday. National Lay Down Your Wand Day! A day when we all kick back and appreciate that we are doing our best and that more often than not, our best is good enough. A day when we acknowledge all of those around us who are doing the same. One day a year where we proudly wear the crown of best wife, mother, daughter and friend. One when guys can be the best husband, father, son and friend. A day when we all make a secret pact to be happy with who we are. (And if we aren’t, we’ll promise to do better.)

We will celebrate with our own individual favorites. We’ll enjoy our favorite foods, whatever they are. If we are party people, we’ll make a huge celebration of the day, inviting all of our friends and family over. If we aren’t the sort to mingle, we’ll spend the day alone. It will be the one day a year when you can do whatever you want because you are that good!

What do you say, are you with me? How about January 9th? We’ll all be burned out from the holidays and need a day to ourselves. With me, but still not sure how to celebrate the day? You know what would be nice? To curl up with a good book! Hey, I know, how about “Searching for My Wand” by yours truly? It’s available on Amazon, B&N, iTunes and Sony.


I just finished the book last night, and loved it!  So on topic with the whole No Perfect Parents thing, and really digs into real life and it’s ups and downs.  Great read, and if you’re wanting a bit more of a preview check out the trailer here.  Enjoy!