A quick look back, and a happy New Year!

The boys got a huge kick out of sounding the steam whistles themselves … nothing like boys getting to make super-loud noises in the middle of the night!

Happy 2012 to you all!  We rang in the new year last night with our annual tradition of going to the steam whistle extravaganza down the street at the Pratt Institute (deets and video in the link).  It’s great fun for all, and participation is encouraged so the boys had a ball pulling the cords to blast the things off, listening to the calliope, and running around like maniacs playing with balloons. 


The boys toasted with sparkling cider, and we had some delightful cherry mead.  The crazy warm weather meant that we weren’t perched on snowbanks like last year, a welcome change … but I am ready for some snow!

Looking back over the past year, I want to link to a few of my favorite posts.  I write from the heart, which means that some times it’s messy, and sometimes it’s chipper.  I’m not much for consistency, but I love what I do. Without further ado …

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Thanks to all my lovely contributors in 2011 too, so glad you shared your thoughts and words!  Amie, Bridget, Christina, Darah, Gina, Jenni, and kfc … love you all. 

Thanks most of all to those of you who read, comment, and share in my crazy thoughts and ramblings.  It’s great to have your company :).

I’m off to curl up with my kindle and the last few chapters of the book you’ll find a link to in tomorrow’s post.



* If I had to pick my manifesto for the year, this would be it.