Lay Down Your Wand Day ... (guest post by Bridget)

I think people in general, but particularly women, are always trying to improve themselves. As the author of “Searching for My Wand”, a novel based on a woman named (incorrectly)  after Glinda the Good Witch, I have given this a great deal of thought. We want to be the best wife, the best mom, the best friend, etc. If we could just find a magic wand, all of our problems would be solved, right? Kids misbehaving? Poof! A tap of your wand and they are instantly smiling and going off to entertain themselves for a while. Husband complaining because he asked you to do something and you got busy and forgot? Poof! A tap of your wand and he’s all hugs and apologies for not having taken into account all that you do. Buried deep in an underground lab somewhere, there has to be a group of scientists working on this, don’t you think? It would solve everything.
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Our Journey So Far (by Bridget S.)

If you’ve been reading here the last few months, you’re already familiar with the writing of Bridget Straub.  I love the candidness and insight she brings to the sanemoms table, and when I heard about a new creative project of hers that needs a little kick to get it going, I wanted to share it with you all! She tells the story in her own words below, so please take the time to check it out, and chip in a buck or two or more if you can … if we all gave $5 she’d be there in no time :).  Good luck Bridget!

Room to Grow : A Cool New Musical for the Whole Family!

As parents, sometimes our closest friendships develop through our kids. When my daughter Tessa began kindergarten, she became friends with a little girl whose mother just happened to be Laura Hall.

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The Choices I’ve Made (by Bridget S.)

I am frustrated and have no one to blame but myself, which let’s face it, is just, well, frustrating.  Do you see the circles my mind runs in? Let me explain: I want to be light and happy.  After all, I’m living the dream right? I have three great kids, kids that I chose to have. I live in Los Angeles, a city that I love and chose to come to live in. I am pursuing a career in writing because I feel compelled to do so, yes, but on some level I’m choosing to do it. Short of a husband who adores me and supports me both emotionally as well as financially, I’ve got it all. But you see, this is where I’m running into trouble.
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Two Bookends and a Middle (by Bridget S.)

I have three kids, or as I often refer to them, two bookends and a middle.  It’s fascinating to me how similar and yet unique they each are.  All three of them were born on Thursdays and all three were induced.  My first and last, although of different genders, were each born after only three hours of intense labor.  My second child took twelve long hours to emerge.
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What Did He Say? (guest post by Bridget S.)

Image courtesy of Marco Gomes via Flickr.I have a friend with a thirteen year old son who has recently taken to letting her know that, in his opinion, she is an ass.  Nice, right?  He’s actually used even stronger language than that, and when she tells me about it I cringe, but not for the reasons you might think.  No, I have been through the teen years with a son myself, and I cringe because I know this is only the beginning.
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Life Lessons (guest post by Bridget Straub)

Image courtesy of Digital Sextant via Fliickr.Here’s a dilemma that came up with my eleven year old daughter.  She came home from school yesterday ten dollars richer, thanks to another classmate who insisted she take this money for no apparent reason.  Naturally, I told her she had to give it back and naturally, she did not want to.  “That money comes with a huge danger sign attached to it,” I told her. She disagreed and insisted she couldn’t give it back, and that it would be rude to do so.  She said she had told the girl at the time the money was offered, that it was too much, but the girl wanted her to have it.  “She’s trying to buy your friendship and it’s not okay,”  I said.  Round and round we went.
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