Q: Do you find time to play?

Quick question to start of the week, it’s been awhile since I asked one.  Do you give yourself time to play?  I mean relaxing and enjoyable time to do fun and maybe whimsical things, like your kids do every time they get a chance.  I don’t just mean getting down on the floor to build block towers with them, but doing something playful for your own enjoyment.  Piano playing?  Making something creative just for fun?  Staring at those pipe cleaners and deciding to make a mobile to hang over your desk?  Making up a recipe … some of you are relaxed about that I know :).

I’ve been wanting to get the sewing machine out, now that it’s fixed, and just have at the pile of fabric scraps under the table but I’ve not allowed myself the time. I think it’s important, and need to make it happen.  Play time, for parents, gets lost in the shuffle too often, and should really be more than the occasional date between the sheets. Fun, yes, but not the only thing we need.

On another note, if you’re in the DSTime part of the world, did you have trouble getting up yesterday?  I had a horrible time, but when greeted with the faces below I did manage to rouse myself.  It really wasn’t that hard :). 

So how and when do you find the time to play?  Do tell!