Q of the Week: What is/was your relationship with your mom like?

Fynn’s dinner plan, which didn’t actually get made in the end, he opted for soup. Can you guess what it is?*Mother’s Day is over, I hope yours was a good one?  The highlight of mine was my boys making me both breakfast and dinner, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  A brief nap in the sun in the backyard was also delightful!

I know the day can be fraught with many things, if you’ve lost your own mom or a child, or long for kids, or whatever your burden may be, I hope there was joy in it somewhere.  In thinking about all that I got to wondering what your relationship with your own mom is, or what did it used to be?  I know it’s likely to run the gamut, and changes over time, but I’m really curious.  Best friends and first person you call?  Brief contact?  None at all? 

Me and my mom, taken a couple of summers ago while visiting my Grandma. My mom and I are good friends, and talk now more than we used to.  Like most, I was more than ready to move out when college rolled around, though I lived @home for those four years to keep the debt at bay.  I moved out shortly after graduating, and kept my distance from my folks for quite awhile.  We have many different opinions and ways of doing things, and a lot of the choices I’ve made in my life are ones that she struggles with.  I know her disappointment and worry run deep, but though that made me hold back a lot for a few years, I’ve gotten past it I think and now share a lot more than I used to. 

Growing up she was always there and always loving, but not a super warm/fuzzy person.  Consistent and steady, I always knew what to expect and what she expected of me.  She lives to serve, and taught us what it means to be a good hostess and have an open home.  She was also the main disciplinarian, as she was with us far more than my dad.  I’m the most talkative of my siblings, and used to really enjoy downloading my day to her when I came home from school.  She always listened, and I remember trying to make it as amusing as possible because she seemed to really enjoy it.  I think any communication was treasured, we weren’t much of a talking household though we did always eat dinner together. 

I know she thinks of me often, and though we only see each other a couple of times a year at best, I really do enjoy her company.  I see myself in her, treasure her peacefulness, and have a huge amount of appreciation for her eternal consistency as I struggle to raise my own kids, getting glimpses of what she must have gone through when we were young.  Respect and love only grow as I wade through the trenches myself, and anger over the things I wish she’d done differently start to fade.  Sure I have issues, some pretty deep ones, but they don’t cancel out the affection at all.  I love my mom :).

How have things been for you over the years, and where are they now?  Love to hear …

* I’ll post the answer tomorrow, curious if it’s decipherable at all!