Socializing and Homeschooling

It’s pretty funny to me that one of the most common arguments against homeschooling is the lack of socialization.  My kids get together with other groups of kids pretty regularly, make new friends at the park often, and talk to more adults than average because I make them ask their own questions when we’re out and about on our daily walks.  I had the same fears before considering homeschooling, and I get where the questioning comes from, but I really don’t think it’s an issue unless your kids never ever leave the house.  My boys are almost annoyingly articulate when they choose to be (long-winded arguments are a daily occurrence) and can talk coherently to almost anyone of any age.  My oldest prefers 1:1 playdates, while his younger brother loves to dance around and entertain a crowd.   They get to do both.

The ironic part is that I didn’t consider what it would do to my own socialization.  You know those 5 minutes you spend loitering on the playground while waiting for your kids to come out after school?  I miss those.  The regular contact with other moms, even though it’s not for long.  I find myself relying a bit more on virtual interactions, which I’d rather not do.  I’ve started to meet up with other moms for long runs on the weekends, mostly to get chat time, when I used to prefer going out alone.  I don’t have a tight community of homeschoolers yet, as it’s hard to put together when I have no budget for classes and have to rely on free outings. 

I had no idea that I missed it all until I suddenly realized why I checked email for the umpteenth time before going to bed last night: I was looking for a brief conversation!  I need to get myself out amongst other moms more often, or it’s going to be a mighty long winter.  My work is at home too, so client interaction is mostly virtual.  How do other homeschooling moms or SAHMs handle it?  How much “adult conversation” do you get a day?  Do your spouses get inundated when the get home because you haven’t talked to enough people that day?  I’d love some input :).