Digging Deep

I’ve been doing a lot of digging lately, deep into my guts where there are things buried that I haven’t even thought of in years.  Things that were more than I could bear to process at the time, so I stuffed them in.  I didn’t even realize it until a friend challenged me to write about some of the things that make me frustrated and angry.  I’m that way a lot more often than I realize, and it’s been a hard thing to acknowledge.  Trying to get to the root of what makes me feel that way has produced some surprising results.  I found blanks in my memory that shouldn’t be that way, and it hurts to dig into why.  I’ve been raw, and feeling some delayed emotional reactions to things that happened 10 years ago and more.  I referred to the cycle of things awhile back, and it’s nice to know I’m not alone in it all.  We all have our rough spots, and this is one of mine. 

I visited a couple of friends last week that go waaaay back, and it was delightful to be raw together.  We even coined the phrase Sashimi Sisters, which still cracks me up.  Raw can be delicious :). 

I’m off to visit yet another friend tomorrow, this time sans kids, and so will be serving up a guest post for Friday from a new writer who you’ll be seeing more of around here, stay tuned!