How do you fit it all in??

I’m feeling a little stuck at the moment … I’m finding summer planning a particular challenge.  I’ve got a couple of big web projects going/in the chute, and the time they’ll require is significant and not entirely predictable.  I have both kids home, and don’t think I can afford camp (though there’s one possibility for my older one for July).  I’m marathon training again, and loathe to give that up just because it’s inconvenient.  It requires early rising (a 6:45 am start was too late today given the heat) and leaves me both tired and energized, if that makes any sense.  After a full day with the boys with errands, cooking, fight-settling, outings, etc, I’m done by 9pm (their usual summer bedtime) and want nothing other than a cold drink and a book. That’s just not possible though.

I can get some done in the afternoons as Fynn still naps (uber thankful for this one and not sure if it will last the summer!) and Douglas reads/has quiet time, but it’s not enough to get the paying work done.  Asking WAHMs in particular but open to any suggestions from y’all, WHEN do you get it all done??  I can buy an extra hour or so with videos but both my boys turn into wired maniacs afterwards, so sometimes it’s just not worth it.  I can work late into the night, but can’t handle that more than once a week anymore and I pay for it for several days afterwards by being so tired I’m too grumpy to be around.  I have two kids, and am hesitant to ask anyone to take both of them in a regular kid-swap, but that’s a slight possibility.  Camp for one + a cheap mother’s helper for just July?  Not really feasable financially but tempting. 

Any ideas tricks you’d care to share?  I’m all ears, and about at my wits end!