Moving in slow motion, or not at all

Sparrow keeping a hand on Douglas last week, when he was feeling cruddy one night and ended up in our bed too. I’m lying in bed sick, recovering from some kind of bug yesterday that involved fever and puking, thankfully mostly during the night though.  My boys brought me a snack in bed this morning, which stayed down, and my husband got home in time to take over for the rest of the day, so glad for that!  I’m starting to feel human, and the house is quiet as they just left for the library. 

You ever enjoy getting sick?  Not talking major illness of course, just the sick for 24 hours kind of bug.  I have to admit that on some level I relax fully in the relative down-time, and have the feeling like I can’t possibly be guilty about things I should be doing, so I just chill out.  And catch up on more episodes of Downton Abbey, which I’m helplessly addicted to after starting to watch it when my SIL was here this weekend.  Just finishing up season 1, which is all Netflix has for now.  It’s certainly an enjoyable way to fill the time.  I’ve got client work waiting, but thankfully got the most time-sensitive stuff out of the way last night before I crashed. 

I took Douglas and his cousin to the Inventgenuity festival on the weekend, which was as super cool as I expected it to be (It’s run by the camp that he went to last summer.)  Kids creating stuff, and taking things apart, with glue guns, drills, various hand tools, and incredible amounts of enthuisiasm.  The theme this year was (Dis)Assembly, which involved dismantling all the contents of a studio apartment into their component pieces, and then reassembling them into a series of sculptures.  Some pics available here, I regretfully didn’t take my camera this time.  A bunch of 8-13 year olds taking apart a vacuum, piano, old typewriter, lawn mower, etc … what’s not to love?!  We had a ball, and I came home with the greasiest fingers as I tackled the old typewriter while the boys were in a workshop, honestly amazed by the intricacy and solidity of the thing. No, they don’t make ‘em like they used to! 

I hope to be back up to speed tomorrow, going to call it quits for today.  Cheers!