What do your kids think of your life?

While I’m not (sigh) spending this evening watching American Idol, I did do my usual Wednesday check of Derfwad Manor, and as usual found several delightful and thought-provoking things.  An article entitled Kids (by Susan L.) in the Confessions section really caught my attention.  She articulated, beautifully, something I’ve thought for years: I don’t want my kids to grow up thinking I have no life other than being their mother.  Here’s a brief excerpt of Susan’s article:

I actually had a great childhood, but my parents made it clear that they had lives too. Many times, they put themselves first, and I am no worse for it. They didn’t feel the need to act like everything I did was above average and special and, therefore, rob me of the opportunity of working harder to experience genuine, above average achievement. I didn’t have enrichment activities each day until dinnertime.

You can read the whole thing here.  What do you think?