postcards from the road

We finally got out of town on Sunday, after the usual mad before-a-trip scramble.  I never can get organized enough to have a peaceful departure, finally just ok with it and learning to nap in the car to catch up.  We’re road tripping/and family reunioning for 10 days, and so far it’s been really amazing.  Bits of six states the first day and 3 yesterday, but it’s less crazy from here on out.  A few pics below to give you a taste.  Being away from the city, together but not visiting anyone … it’s been a couple of years since we’ve had even a day of that and it’s bliss.

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Thoughts from above the clouds

I’ve been trying to post this all week, but I just haven’t found the time and energy in the same span of quiet time.  Giving it a try on Friday night finally!

Having the boys gone for two weeks was an amazing experience.  Like I mentioned before, the week alone with my husband was great.  I worked a LOT and we had some good downtime together also.  Getting away for 5 days in FL the second week was utter bliss.  I truly disconnected once I got away from home,  away from all the distractions of coulds and shoulds and maybes that surround me here, whether my kids are home or not.  Vacation is a different story.  

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What a Week!

It’s been quite the week around here, setting back in from camping, experiencing my first earthquake on Tuesday (oh so mild, but still a rather memorable first!) and now getting ready for Hurricane Irene.  Glad we’re on the first floor and not terribly close to the water, but with a first-time-i’ve-ever-heard-of preemptive shutdown of the mass transit systems starting tomorrow noon, it’s making quite a ruckus.  We’ll see if it comes as predicted, but we’re getting a few things taken care of just in case, it would be pretty head-in-the-sand not to pay some attention to it!  Our front-room tenants are supposed to leave tomorrow, but given the situation it looks like they may be staying a few days longer :).

Cousins plotting out their fort … I promised a trip recap, and though much of the feelings have faded (oh how fast that happens!) I’ll see what I can dredge up. 

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