postcards from the road

We finally got out of town on Sunday, after the usual mad before-a-trip scramble.  I never can get organized enough to have a peaceful departure, finally just ok with it and learning to nap in the car to catch up.  We’re road tripping/and family reunioning for 10 days, and so far it’s been really amazing.  Bits of six states the first day and 3 yesterday, but it’s less crazy from here on out.  A few pics below to give you a taste.  Being away from the city, together but not visiting anyone … it’s been a couple of years since we’ve had even a day of that and it’s bliss.

Skyline drive in VA, just after the poop-in-a-bag incident that my dear husband handled, while I took pics.

House that my husband and his brothers built in PA years ago, no longer family owned and needing some care, but great to see again.

Sculpture on the side of the road in VACave we just stumbled across on the edge of a roadside quarry. Amazing, huge and full of tunnels and rooms and stalactites, way too much to explore with little LED flashlights but we tried. Getting a lift up the “holla” in WV to look at some land for sale. Hope you had a good long weekend!  Cheers from TN, on to KY and MO tomorrow, where we’ll stay put for a few days.