Breathe Coaching deadline approaching ...

Just a quick reminder mamas, Heather’s Breathe : Group Coaching for Moms signup deadline is this coming Friday the 29th … get your mojo on and give it a whirl if you’re anywhere near Baltimore!  Deets here, hope you can make it!


Happy Easter and Passover too, may your weekend be a relaxing one :). 

Live near Baltimore, Mamas? This one's for you!

You remember the lovely Heather, of My Mama Mojo, right?  She’s written some great stuff for SaneMoms in the past, and has spent the last few months focusing on her coaching biz. 

The good news is, for those of you in the greater Baltimore area, she’s offering a Breathe : Group Coaching For Moms class next month!  It’s affordable, takes just 4 weeks, and offers two convenient time slots to choose from.  I’d go if I was within striking distance for sure, I’ve gotten too bogged down lately and need a sounding board and some “mmhmm, me too!” moments in my week. 

What’s it about?  Teaching moms how to listen to their hearts, quiet their minds, and thrive as women and moms! Tame the chaos, sort priorities, and feel more joy while raising your kids. You’ll come away energized, refreshed, validated, and ready to tackle your many roles with new eyes and positive perspectives.

The deets?  Click here for details and to register, the cutoff is April 29 so don’t miss out!

If the info looks a bit familiar to some, yes the Breathe content is originally from SaneMoms, and I’m so glad it’s being shared with some of you by such a great coach!

Q of the Week : How many activities are your children in? (By Heather)

Do you wake up early and rush to get ready (and sometimes still leave the house with wet hair)?  Do you rush the kids to get up and get going – so you can rush them through breakfast, rush them to school and rush yourself to work?  Do you rush around all day at work so you can leave on time and rush home so you are not late for the bus or day care pick up?  Do you rush through homework, so you can rush to after school activities, rush to come home to make dinner, cram food down your throats, rush through baths, reading and bed…to rush off to sleep so you have the energy to do it all again the next day. 

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone!

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When is the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone? (by Heather)

Thanks to Heather for the Q of the Week this week, see my answer in the comments :) — SaneMom

I am fairly spontaneous.  I like to think I am open minded enough to try almost anything given the opportunity (I just couldn’t jump out of that plane though).  I may not be the one scratching the wild ideas off my list, but if someone else wants to try something new, I am a sure bet to go with them.

My husband and I were on a weekend getaway for our 10-year anniversary in Berkley Springs, West Virginia this month.  After breakfast on Saturday morning, we drove to a state park for a hike.  As we were looking for trail markers, we saw a sign that said,  “skeet shooting”.   My husband lit up and said, “Have you ever shot a gun?” 

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What is the best parenting advice you ever received? (by Heather)

A while back I wrote about the worst parenting advice I ever received, the unattainable “enjoy every moment”.  But what about the best parenting advice you received?  I was given two very practical and honest ‘words of wisdom’ that I have found myself revisiting frequently over the last five years.  One is about my keeping my identity, while the other is about keeping my sanity.
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Q of the Week: What do you miss most about your pre-mom self? (by Heather S.)

I caught a glimpse of my “old self”… and I liked it!

One question I love to ask other moms is, “ What do you miss most about your pre-mom self?”  I recently posed this question to a Moms’ Club, and their answers varied wildly from missing their flat stomachs, feeling brain numb from dealing with small children all day — to remembering how easy it was to get in the car and do something … anything before they had children.

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BREATHE Coaching for (In)Sane Moms

You love being a mom, but you love other things too …
You sometimes feel like your life’s been hijacked, and you’re not sure who you are anymore.
You get it, but you’re never quite on top of it …

For the mom that was a woman first.
You have days where you feel like you’re a bit lost, ungrounded, and flapping in the breeze …

Give yourself a chance to catch your breath and find your heart again!

Welcome to BREATHE : Group Coaching for Moms


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Coach of the Month : Meet Heather!

Ok, you’ve already met her thanks to her writing here, but now I’m featuring her as the Coach of the Month, and wanted to give her a chance to tell you a bit about her coaching background and services.  She’s also got a great new workshop starting up which I’m involved in a bit, and a fab giveaway so please do check it out!  Thanks :).  SaneMom.


When Heather became a mom over 5 years ago, she completely lost herself.  She was in total shock and was left feeling isolated, guilty and confused.  She was consumed with being “mom” and didn’t know who she was anymore.  As Heather started to slowly re-claim and re-create her mojo, she began to hear a calling (more like a loud roar) to support other women who were struggling with identity, guilt, stress and a general lack of passion as she once did. There didn’t seem to be many outlets to talk about the dark moments of motherhood, so she created one.  She combined her counseling background, her new coaching education, and a side of her own postpartum hell to birth My Mama Mojo, a life coaching service for moms.  Happy women make the best moms!  She now encourages other women to reflect on, “Who are you in addition to mom?”

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Mom-o-Meters (by Heather)

Some moms seem to have this thing all figured out. They never get frazzled, their kids always behave, they are on time for every event, look put together (even at the gym), and still have time to make cute cupcakes. If these women complain at all about their children or how it has changed their life, it is done in a light-hearted manner and the tiny rant always ends with…”but isn’t it all worth it?”

Well no, sometimes it is not!

Sometimes I would like to trade them in!  I rather miss my old life!

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Please Welcome ...

Heather SobieralskiDarah Zeledon… two new regular Contributors to SaneMoms!  You’ve read their words several times over the past few weeks, but a formal welcome (and huge thanks from me!) to Darah Zeledon and Heather Sobieralski.  Darah’s a well-travelled mom of 5 who has a humorous take on the Chaos Chronicles, while Heather has stories from the What-happened-to-me-now-that-i’m-a-mom Corner that will keep you reflecting and enjoying.  They’ll continue to add fresh perspectives and wit and wisdom to the blog, coming from their unique backgrounds as women and moms.  You can read more about them here.  Welcome aboard moms!

Batman is my new best friend! (By Heather S.)

I don’t know who made up the term “terrible 2s”, because in my experience when they turn 3 is when the real fun begins. Not only do they have the tantrums, but they have the logic to back it up. They are stronger, more persistent and more sophisticated in their ridiculous demands.

Whenever I have to give a request or demand to my three year old, I actually have to do some mental prepping because I know there is going to be a clash of wills. It really doesn’t matter what it is, just any direction at all.

Come sit down for dinner. Put your shoes on. Stop crashing your truck into the table. Stop licking the bottom of your shoe. Time to brush your teeth. You get the idea … I am not asking a lot here!
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Q of the Week : How do you handle fighting in your house? (by Heather S.)

I know all kids fight.  I know we can’t stop it completely.  But some days I feel like I should be wearing a black and white striped outfit and a whistle around my neck.  My kids are both very strong willed and spirited.  My daughter is 5 and is extremely dramatic and wants a lot of space.  My son is 3 and is unusually physically active.  All he wants to do is sit on top of her.  What they want from each other is so completely opposite that we can’t seem to find a common ground.  Some days I don’t know what else to say, I sound like a broken record.  I feel like I have tried it all…
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Q of the Week : How do you know when your family is complete?

Guest post from Heather S.


When I was pregnant with my first child, I swore I would never have another.  I held true to this statement up until my daughter was about a year old; and then I fell in love with her.  My husband and I started talking about the idea of a second.  Two children felt right to us.  We wanted our daughter to have a sibling, we wanted the experience of creating and raising another child.  We felt our family was not yet complete, so we went for it.  

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The Worst Parenting Advice I Ever Received (Guest post by Heather S.)

Thanks to Heather S. for this guest post, you’ll be seeing more of her around!  Don’t miss her links at the bottom.

During my baby shower, a little book was passed around.  The guests were encouraged to write their best parenting advice for yours truly.  I received all sorts of advice ranging from sleep when the baby sleeps, remember your husband, sleep now because you will never sleep again, embrace the muffin top because it will never go away, and NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING BABY!  All sound advice.

But the one piece of advice that stuck with me (and still does) is to “enjoy every moment”.

That piece of advice sucked!

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